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Obcecada Serif Font

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Font's name:Obcecada Serif Font
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Zip File size:282 kb
Designed by:deFharo
Designer web:http://defharo.com
Designer note:Obcecada Slab Serif Regular & Bold is a very condensed and fine geometric typeface with rounded finish the horns and joints and falling short.
• Numbers download:
• Only for personal use.
• Commercial license available. TTF, OTF & Webfonts
• Commercial version 736 glyphs: OpenType Features. The Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

Obcecada Serif Regular & Bold es una tipografía geométrica muy condensada y fina con acabado redondeado en las astas, slab serif y uniones con ascendentes y descendentes cortos. Descarga los números desde mi web.
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