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Font's name:Neos Font
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Designed by:Matthew Swank
Designer web:https://www.behance.net/mtswank
Designer note:For personal use, please donate a minimum of $3 via my Paypal email: mtregoswank@gmail.com. Your donations will be much appreciated!

For commercial, use please contact me at mswank494@andersonuniversity.edu.

Neos, Greek for “new” or “rebirth”, was designed to bring the energy of the Olympics back into the typography of the IOC. Maintaining the games’ Greek roots, this typeface seeks to compliment and uphold all of the values that thrive within the Olympic rings, torch, and motto: excellence, friendship, and respect. Built with extreme athleticism, Neos strives to encourage teammates from the sidelines, elevate hype in the locker room, or take control of the ball on the field. Whatever the challenge is, Neos will be the first volunteer.
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