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KG Primary Penmanship Font

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Font's name:KG Primary Penmanship Font
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Designed by:Kimberly Geswein
Designer web:http://kimberlygeswein.com
Designer note:I come from a family of educators- my mom, husband, stepmom, brother-in-law, and sister are all currently teaching and I have taught in the past. This font was created after speaking to several elementary school teachers who were struggling to find just the right font to use on worksheets and projects in their classroom. They liked many features of other fonts, but needed small things altered in order to make a "perfect fit" for their class. Hand-drawn by me, this font hopefully addresses several of those issues. As penmanship styles vary across the globe, I am sure this font will not work in every classroom. But hopefully this style will work for many teachers to give their early readers a highly legible, neat, accurate font. It is best used with kerning turned on to allow for accurate letter spacing.

Free for personal use. For commercial licensing, please see http://kimberlygeswein.com
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