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Handwriting Font

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Font's name:Handwriting Font
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Zip File size:33 kb
Designed by:Henry Bloomfield
Designer web:None
Designer note:This font was generated from tidied-up traced scans of my handwriting,
and, when printed out doesn't look too unlike real writing.
This is the fourth release of my font "Handwriting".

Status: The font "Handwriting" is (c) 1994-2015 Henry Bloomfield. It can
be used freely for non-commercial use. For use in any commercial
application, published work, or work which is to be sold, a licence must
be bought before use from me. Licences can be obtained from the email
address below.

Distribution: You are free to distribute this archive so long as this
text is distributed with the archive, the font files have not been
modified, and it is understood that the font's copyright remains with the
original author.

Henry Bloomfield
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