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Upakarti Font

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Font's name:Upakarti Font
Font's license:
Zip File size:20 kb
Designed by:Adien Gunarta
Designer web:http://fontasticindonesia.blogspot.com/
Designer note:Gratis buat kamu khususnya orang Indonesia :)

It's free for personal and commercial user. For commercial user please

contact me first. Use this font wisely. Not permitted for pornographic

using, sarcasm, and other negative aims.

You can also credit my name, it is really kind of you to help me

spreading my designs for even more.

Donation is highly appreciated!

Your donation will help me to elevate my creativity and finance my

shcool necessity.

You can donate me to my paypal account maximadien@gmail.com or if you

didn't have paypal account, you can donate to my bank account (Bank

Mandiri, contact me for further information).You can also donate by

giving something else.


Twitter: @bergunarta FB: Adien Gunarta
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