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Kogaion SC FR Font

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Font's name:Kogaion SC FR Font
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Designed by:Florin Florea
Designer web:http://florin.reel.ro
Designer note:This is an old Romanian style typeface called "Arhaic Romanesc", based on Cyrillic alphabet that was used in Romania around 1500 until 1860 for Church Slavonic and Romanian texts. The old lettershapes were later used for the Latin alphabet preserving a sort of Romanian traditional feel. I have started this font (Kogaion) in 2009 (http://florinf.wordpress.com/2009/04/14/kogaion-arhaic-romanesc-ex-cali/). It is still a Work In Progress. It is a revival based on an old book cover (around 1930) and had only 10 letters as it was used in the title, I had to create 16 in the same style. I also added numbers and Romanian diacritics.
Only for personal usage.
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