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Whitby Brewers Font

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Font's name:Whitby Brewers Font
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Designed by:Pilaster Davy
Designer web:None
Designer note:Whitby Brewers is inspired by the hand lettering on a reverse glass painted Victorian advertising mirror, found and recorded in the wonderful Beck Isle Museum, Pickering, North Yorkshire, in the UK. The museum also houses a working letterpress print room, which is a treat.

Alternates for some capitals are available in Open Type enabled Apps or through the Glyphs Palette or Character Map. (Refer to your app/OS manual as to how to insert special characters/glyphs)

Whitby Brewers is served free for personal use and served ‘as is’. If you like Whitby Brewers, please feel free to make a ‘domestic brew’ sized donation to the ‘buy the author a beer fund’ using the donate button. For any commercial use, should you find one for it, a donation (How much is up to you) should be considered mandatory! Enjoy!

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