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Retro Bubbles Font

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Font's name:Retro Bubbles Font
Font's license:
Zip File size:309 kb
Designed by:Amber Kuivenhoven
Designer web:http://www.amberdoesfreelancing.com
Designer note:THE TYPEFACE
Retro Bubbles was a little experiment of what I could do with the program I use to make these typefaces. It’s a fun, silly and simple typeface free for personal use.

Alphabet: Latin-1
Number of Glyphs: 99
Format: .TTF and .OTF

This font falls under my zero license. With this license you can or cannot do the following:

You can..
– Use the product for unlimited personal projects

You can’t..
– Use the product for commercial projects
– Use the product as part of your branding (examples: In your logo, stationary kit, first, secondary or third main website font.)
– Sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise redistribute the product on its own (even for free)
– Download the product on more than one computer

Check http://amberdoesfreelancing.com/retro-bubbles/ for more licensing options
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