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Mild Life Font

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Font's name:Mild Life Font
Font's license:
Zip File size:1832 kb
Designed by:The Branded Quotes
Designer web:https://sellfy.com/thebrandedquotes
Designer note:Purchase the licensed full version: https://sellfy.com/p/QUkP/

The full version includes: Capitals, Numerals and Punctuation in Opentype and Truetype versions and a .txt license.

About this font:

Mild Life is created by the joy of the ordinary days. Simple yet gutsy. Normal but elegant. Fun yet mysterious.

Mild Life Regular - Works best when introducing your newest script! The squiggly edges are made to blend well with your watercolor fonts and at the same time, won't override your presentation. Also, your new logo and band merch will be needing this font.

Mild Life Outline - Like a Micron 05, this font is a multi-tasker!

Mild Life Textured - Not just an ordinary Sans Serif; it bears its own watercolor effect. Match perfectly for your book covers, freehand illustrations and almost everything that has hand-drawn feel projects.
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