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World C’p 2k14 Font

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Download fonts:Free Download World C’p 2k14 Font
Font's name:World C’p 2k14 Font
Font's license: 100% Free
Zip File size:101 kb
Designed by:[y-a]
Designer web:http://pattern.80x15.com
Designer note:Characters to use:
1. Competition Logo
2. FIFA® Logo
3. Golden Cup
a. Algeria
b. Argentina
c. Australia
d. Belgium
e. Bosnia and Herzegovina
f. Brazil
g. Cameroon
h. Chile
i. Columbia
j. Costa Rica
k. Croatia
l. England (T-shirt)
m. England (Federation)
n. Equator
o. France
p. Germany (T-shirt)
q. Germany (Federation)
r. Greece (T-shirt)
s. Greece (Federation)
t. Ghana
u. Honduras
v. Iran
w. Italy
x. Ivory Cost
y. Japan (T-shirt)
z. Japan (Federation)
A. Netherlands
B. Nigeria
C. Portugal
D. Russia
E. Spain (T-shirt)
F. Spain (Federation)
G. Switzerland
H. Uruguay
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